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Immersive sound performance. For 10 EEG headsets and 8-ch audio system.

Dreams is a sonic performance generated in real-time out of the EEG signals of the visitors of the planetarium.

A software extracts and interprets the brain signals of 10 among the listeners, and transcodes them into parameters controlling the creation of a soundscape. The interpretation of the raw signals aims at  putting forth the emotions of each spectator as well as the relation among them.

On top of this mapping of brain data into music parameters, there is  another layer of control  that dynamically change those associations over time. Instead of being scripted as a fixed-media composition, the relationship changes on the  basis of the history of the previous emotions, a compositional approach  that is systemic rather than prescriptive.

Dreams was premiered in Palais de la Découverte, Paris, May 2017.

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