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remote displaced

360° videos online installation

remote/displaced is an immersive audiovisual concept album by quietSpeaker based around a physical place: Öljysäiliö 468, a vast, decommissioned and repurposed oil tank by the sea of East Helsinki. remote/displaced was originally presented to Ars Electronica 2020 festival, with the 360° video experiences accessible through a virtual reconstruction of the Silo, realised in the social VR platform Mozilla Hubs. There the audience could use a wide array of technologies, from VR goggles to mobile phones or personal computers, both remotely and in situ during the festival. Album tracklist 01- Apparition 02 - Reflections 03 - Pulse 04 - Nocturne 05 - No sleep Credits Concept, composition and electronics: Andrea Mancianti Visuals and 3D animation: Roberto Fusco
VR and Immersive Audio Production: Sebastian Schlecht VR and Immersive Audio Engineer: Nils Meyer-Kahlen Sound Engineer: Thomas McKenzie Musicians: Henriikka Teerikangas (horn), Inka Pärssinen (trumpet), Sauli Saarinen (trumpet), Max Silfverberg (trombone), Mikko Marttila (tuba). Production: Äänen Lumo, quietSpeaker, Aalto University
Supported by: Kone Foundation, Taike (Arts Promotion Centre Finland) and The City of Helsinki

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