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remote displaced live

AV performance for e. cello, baritone guitar and live electronics

remote/displaced is an immersive audiovisual concept album by quietSpeaker based around Öljysäiliö 468, a vast, decommissioned oil tank by the sea of East Helsinki. The album, constituted of a collection of brief immersive audio-visual visits to this remote place, was originally presented to Ars Electronica 2020 festival, with the experiences accessible through a virtual reconstruction of the Silo, realised in the social VR platform Mozilla Hubs. In this new live edition the materials from the album becomes the setting for a live performance of quietSpeaker, in person, or streamed over the internet.

The performance happens inside a virtualised silo, reconstructed both acoustically and visually via Impulse responses and a 3D point-cloud captured in the space. 

A volumetric capture of the artists performing will be positioned inside the 3d reconstruction of the Silo. A virtual camera flies through the simulated 3d space letting the viewer experience unconventional perspective on an audiovisual show. Bodies and architecture blend and transform thanks to the malleability of the digital matter they are made of. The remoteness and virtualized nature of the performance allow us to explore the soft boundaries between performer and the space it inhabits.

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