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Experimental social video-game. Kinect, 120° screen, stereo sound system

Synergie is a participatory audiovisual experience where participants are immersed in an 120 degree audio-visual world.
The audience, by moving their bodies, collectively controls the movement  of the wings of a paper bird avatar. The avatar is “free” to fly in  space and encounter different planet-like objects, with reactive  qualities and distinctive behaviours.

A depth sensor observes the area where the spectators are sitting and  extract parameters such as the distance from the camera or the amount of  movement. Since these parameters are the result of a collective  behaviour and series of actions it is not the individual who can control  the audiovisual composition. Every participant can deliberately  negotiate movements together with others or proceed independently with  their own agenda. It is an exercise of perceiving the result of our own  action on the media while being aware of what others are doing.

It was premiered in Palais de la Découverte, Paris, May 2017.

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