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Audio-visual performance. For two feedback-driven table-top electric guitars, live video and live electronics.

“Uroboro” is an audio-visual performance where the material of both audio  and video comes from the perpetual mechanical excitation of the strings  of two augmented table-top electric guitars equipped with vibration  speakers and set in self oscillation.

From a  sonic point of view, the piece explores the possibility of modifying the  resonating behaviour of strings inside a feedback loop, and at the same  time researches strategies to perform and improvise with it. By  preparing and manipulating the guitar's strings, or by varying their  length, or again by filtering and modulating the signal feeding back to  the vibration speakers, the performer is able to manipulate the loop,  allowing for an intuitive exploratory performativity.

A  custom-built software takes care of “surveilling” the network, keeping  the feedback in control, modifying its spectral weight or its temporal  envelope.

The system  evolves slowly as a whole, from an unstable equilibrium state to the  next one, as each action performed on the augmented guitar provides the  sonic material which the piece is based on.

At the  same time the image of the moving strings of both guitars finally extend  the concept to the video domain, and an analysis of this picture in  conjunction with the sound description from each performer's signal,  generate the visual material that is then projected.

Uroboro  has been performed extensively during 2016, both in Finland, where the  duo is based, and abroad. In each performance the setup has been adapted  to the venue following a site specific approach.

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